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A Word about the AeroAntique Private Collection

First up:  Many thanks to our fellow aviation enthusiasts as we begin our first weeks of launch!  Our mission is to keep historical military aviation technologies alive by putting artifacts in the hands of those who appreciate them, and that mission is well on its way thanks to you.

Next up:  Like many of you, we have been collecting artifacts like these for years.  While they may be displayed in homes or places of work, these artifacts have lacked a venue for viewing by fellow enthusiasts, until now. Hence, our "Private Collection".

In the AeroAntique Private Collection, you will see some very interesting items as they are added, including:

  • Aircraft instruments of the air forces of Germany, Japan, former USSR, UK, and even France, China, Italy, and Spain
  • Bombsights
  • Gunsights
  • Autopilots
  • Communication equipment
  • and more

    While these are not specifically offered for sale, inquiries from serious collectors, especially our customers, may be entertained.

    So check back will take some time to display all of the artifacts in the AeroAntique Private Collection!

    Happy collecting!


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