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Welcome to AeroAntique

AeroAntique presents vintage military aircraft instruments, warbird parts, and other aviation-related artifacts from the 1940's, 50's, 60's, and 70's, for the casual or serious collector interested in aviation history. Our inventory includes artifacts from aircraft of the US Navy, US Army Air Corps (i.e., pre March 1942), US Army Air Force (March 1942 to Sept 1947) and the US Air Force (post Sept 1947), as well as air forces of other nations, past and present.

Our artifacts are intended for collectors or for restoration for static display. AeroAntique makes no representation of an item’s serviceability or fitness for use in an aircraft other than for static display.  You may also find some of our artifacts on auction on eBay, sold under 2BanAviator seller ID.  

Our Catalog drop-down menu contains illustrated items under "Collections" (Flight Control, Navigation, Engine & Systems, Manuals & Documents, Other Artifacts, and Private). Please contact us directly with questions about any items.