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    Here links to some of our favorite websites for military aviation information and artifacts.  We hope that you will find them useful.

    Sources for information related to Military Aviation:

    1. is a useful resource for WWII-era airborne communications and countermeasure equipment.  Also a good resource for the relevant documentation.
    2. Aircraft Gunsights is a very helpful place to see and learn about WWII-era aircraft gunsights.  If you are thinking about collecting aircraft gunsights, this site will be a frequent place to visit.   
    3. Army Air Force Collection is a source for a few hundred pdf documents spanning USAAF flight schools to aircrew manuals to aircraft flight manuals and equipment manuals.
    4. Avialogs is our favorite resource for pdf downloads of military (and some civil) aircraft documentation, mainly flight manuals, performance information, and parts lists.  Their subscription plans are definitely a great value considering the access to ~6500 documents. 
    5. Aviation.Watergeek is a highly useful site for instrument information on F4 Phantom II, F-100 Super Sabre, and other aircraft.
    6. Compassipedia Compass Museum contains a wealth of information on compass manufacturers and compass types for all applications, including aeronautical.  
    7. Designation-Systems.Net is a helpful resource for understanding the numbering systems and designations for US aeronautical equipment and support, post WW2.  It also attempts to link these systems to specific aircraft types.  This link takes you to the webpage that specifically explains the above, but be sure to go the the home page for additional interesting information.
    8. FlightGlobal/Archive houses Flight Magazine issues all the way back to 1909. Its a useful resource for tracking historical origins of aeronautical technologies.
    9. Funatsu Aviation Instruments Museum is a helpful resource for identifying instruments from WW2 Japanese aircraft.
    10. German Luftwaffe is a fine resource for WW2 German instruments.  It is currently displayed in German language, so the translate feature of your browser may come in handy.
    11. Liberated Manuals provides downloadable pdfs mainly of 1960's US military manuals onwards, including Vietnam-era helicopters.
    12. Military Factory abounds with information on military aircraft and other areas of interest. 
    13. Thirty-Thousand Feet offers a large aviation directory with thousands of links to aviation web pages, aviation news, and other sources of commercial, military, and general aviation information.
    14. Aircraft and Jets of WWII is an interesting site with links to some of the more unusual and lesser- known aircraft of the era, as well as some general WWII-era information sites. Many thanks to Alexa, one of our new friends!
    15. The Cars, Tanks, and Airplanes of WWII contains links to a variety of resources on the web about WWII.  Many thanks to our new friend Ashley for the connection!

    Additional Sources for Military Aviation Artifacts:

    1. Bells Aviation is a source for a very wide variety of aviation-related items.
    2. Bombphoons offers a variety of warbird artifacts, mostly British but plenty of others. Hardware, personal gear, etc... Ian has a rich collection, and it's definitely worth a visit.   
    3. CockpitRockers creates high quality cockpit replicas with original instruments from Me 109, Spitfire, and P-51 aircraft; Fine work indeed!
    4. Depot-41 is a one-of-its-kind source for artifacts, arising from the WW2 aircraft graveyard at Kingman Arizona. 
    5. FlightHelmet - If you are into flight helmets and gear, this is the place to go.  But a wide variety of interesting items are offered as well.
    6. Military Antiques and Museum, in addition to its overflowing website of militaria including hundreds of aviation-related artifacts, has a 4000 sq ft retail shop and a 2,000 sq ft museum in Petaluma CA USA.  
    7. RAF-Surplus has a selection of instruments, sights, and other instruments used in British aircraft.  A very nice variety of technical artifacts.
    8. SpitfireSpares offers a wide variety of items primarily used by aircraft of the RAF, but you will also find items used in aircraft of the US Army Air Force.  Also a good resource for linking items with aircraft types in which they may have appeared.

    Other Favorite Sites related to Vintage Aircraft and Restorations:

    1. Connie Survivors seeks to identify and track surviving Lockheed Constellations & C-121's whether awaiting benefactors to rescue them from boneyards or to follow restoration projects around the world.   
    2. Vultures Row Aviation, owned by Chuck Wahl, restores aircraft of US Naval Aviation heritage.  
    3. Warbird Alley is "an extensive reference source about airworthy, privately-owned, ex-military aircraft."

    On-line Warbird Communities and Forums:

    1. EAA Warbirds of America is the official home for warbirds in the USA, and you'll want to join to become plugged into the community.
    2. The Aviation Forum, by Key Publishing Ltd, home of FlyPast, Aeroplane, Combat Aircraft, and many other periodicals, has nearly 24,000 registered members.  It is a rich source of information, in particular within the UK and EU.
    3. Warbird Information Exchange may be the proverbial center of the universe for all things warbird-related, in particular restoration projects, with more than 10,000 registered users.
    4. Warbirds News is a terrific source for the latest information on news and events all-things Warbirds.
    5. Warbirds Forum is a worthwhile place to check for information and helpful Q&A from its members.
    6. WW2 Aircraft Forum, with over 18,000 members worldwide, is a good place to share information and ask questions.
    7. Classic Warbird Enthusiasts is a global Google+ community with shared interests in warbirds of all nations.