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Top 4 Warbird Artifacts We're Rescuing in 2018

An American aircraft boneyard at Biak, Dutch New Guinea in 1947.

I see the above image, and wonder "If only we could have rescued these....."  But I digress...

AeroAntique has been adding hard-to-find warbird artifacts to our collection from these categories during 2018.  

  1. WWII-era Japanese Army and Naval Aviation, such as this Japanese Zero Fighter Fuel Quantity Indicator
  2. WWII-era German Luftwaffe, such as this tachometer used in the Dornier Do 335 Pfeil ("Arrow") Fighter 
  3. Pre-WWII US Military Aviation, such as this Aircraft Pelorus navigational instrument 
  4. Unique WWII US Military Aviation, including bomb sights, navigation instruments, and gun sights.

In the last six months we've had the good fortune to rescue rare items discovered from Czech Republic to New Zealand.

Trading has become a more common way of accumulating interesting relics these days, and we encourage collectors, aviation museums, and warbird restorers to contact us. 

Remember that artifacts in our Private Collection may be available for acquisition, and inquiries are welcome.

There remains a backlog of items yet to display at, so don't hesitate to inquire if you are looking for something that is not displayed. 

More to come....!

John T.

Curator, AeroAntique


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