Preserving Warbird artifact at a time.
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Welcome to AeroAntique!

After making vintage military aviation instruments and artifacts available to collectors and restorers for several years on eBay, I've decided to expand our reach with this on-line store, AeroAntique.  In the coming months, more items will be added, including Airspeed Indicators, Tachometers, Gyros and Attitude Indicators, Turn & Bank Indicators, Vertical Speed Indicators, and more, so bookmark this site and come back often.  If you don't see something in the store, send us an email and we'll do our best to see if we have it.  

Part of the joy of collecting aviation artifacts is to connect items to specific historical aircraft, which we attempt to do by researching aircraft documentation and web-based references. If a link is identified, we include the information in the item's description. 

Hope to see you on-line soon!

Happy collecting,


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  • JT on

    Thanks for asking, but I’ll leave that to the professionals! There are plenty out there. Now, would I enjoy turning a wrench on a restoration project? You bet!

  • Tracy Farrell on

    Have you considered restoring a plane yourself ?

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