Preserving Warbird artifact at a time.
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A Word about Valuing Warbird Artifacts

Here is the AeroAntique approach to valuing our warbird artifacts:

  1. Our mission "Preserving warbird history, one artifact at a time" drives our approach. We 'rescue' artifacts from many sources to preserve/rehabilitate their condition, and eventually put them into the hands of those who can place them into their historical context for the future, such as aviation museums, warbird restoration projects, or other collectors who appreciate what the artifacts represent to our history. Proceeds are reinvested into the endeavor. 
  2. Our prices reflect what we know about the market for the item in its condition at a point in time. We look at recent closed transactions on eBay as one benchmark, which only reflects a 90 day history. Often times rare artifacts don't trade as frequently, so the transaction history is limited, and that fact is also considered.
  3. Preferential treatment is always afforded aviation museums and warbird restoration projects that are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.  These organizations are invited to inquire about pricing on specific artifacts of interest. Special consideration is also provided to warbird restorers who aren't 501(c)(3)'s, as long as the artifact is intended for a specific restoration project and will be a pass-thru cost to the aircraft owner. 
  4. Artifacts which reside in our Private Collection either do not display a price or show a 'price that we could not refuse' and not because we are greedy. These artifacts have been specifically procured for their uniqueness and interest to AeroAntique, and our desire to maintain this type of item in the collection for an extended period.  However, inquiries are invited. Any pricing that may be offered will reflect a) our assessment of the acquisition cost to replace the item with one of the same, and b)  the likely time and expenses incurred to procure a replacement. Combined, this may put an item at 25-50% over current market, depending upon its scarcity.  So it may be worthwhile to do some homework ahead of time.  You may see a Private Collection artifact with what might seem to be an extraordinary price.... which means that we love the item and that is the offer we couldn't refuse!
  5. You may find some of our artifacts on auction at eBay, with opening bids somewhat less than the fixed prices shown at AeroAntique.  This differential allows prospective buyers the option of participating in a bidding process or securing the artifact at AeroAntique thus bypassing the risk of losing out in an auction. 
  6. Always ask!  We do consider offers that are fair and reasonable.


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