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Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, AN5780-T3, 8DJ26AAA

General Electric

Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, AN5780-T3, 8DJ26AAA


This is a late WWII-era and Post war Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, Type AN5780-3, as used in  aircraft of the US Army Air Force and US Navy with tail wheel or nose wheel landing gear, serving both configurations (prior models were dedicated to each configuration). According to the Maintenance Interchangeability Chart dated Feb 1945, this indicator was being used in late models of medium bomber B-26 Marauder, attack bomber A-20 Havoc, and night fighter P-61 Black Widow, all nose gear configurations.

This indicator has the color scheme with Munsell green, evidence of its use in US Navy aircraft. The post war USN fighter F8F Bearcat used the AN5780-3 as documented in its Erection and Maintenance Manual dated 1948. The USN jet fighter F9F Panther also used this indicator, see image of instrument panel from its flight manual.

When the individual wheels are down, the rotating display for each wheel shows the image of a wheel in the down position. The appearance of red diagonal lines indicates that the wheels are not in the locked position either up or down.  When the wheels are retracted, the display rotates to display "UP".  As the flaps are deployed, the upper center indicator displays a flap symbol along the scale showing the amount of flap deployed, i.e., full Up, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full Down. This design went on to become standard in many post war tricycle gear aircraft both in the US Air Force and US Navy.

This indicator is in exceptional condition for its age. The glass and case are intact, and the markings on the face are precise and unblemished.  Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~3 inches deep.

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