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Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, 6531-1L-B


Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, 6531-1L-B

We believe that this highly unusual iWheel and Flap Position Indicator is Pre-WWII-era. This is the first example of this kind of the many that we have seen. It was used in aircraft with either tricycle landing gear (i.e., nose wheel) or tail wheel configurations. Made by Pioneer/Bendix, part number 6531-1L-B.  Given that the serial number is 36, many may not have been eventually made.

When the individual wheels are down, the rotating display for each wheel shows an extended image of a wheel.  As the flaps are deployed, the lower center indicator displays a flap symbol along the scale showing the amount of flap deployed. This design is similar the AN5780 version with the flap indicator at the top of the display, which became standard in many post war aircraft both in the US Air Force and US Navy.

This indicator is in very good condition for its age. The glass and case are intact, and the markings on the face are precise and unblemished. The black dial face shows some pitting. Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~3 inches deep.

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