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Torpedo Director, Type B-2, WWII, Douglas A-20 A-26 Bombers

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Torpedo Director, Type B-2, WWII, Douglas A-20 A-26 Bombers


The US Army Air Force Type B-2 Torpedo Director is an optical, illuminated sighting device used on torpedo-carrying airplanes, specifically the B-25 Mitchell, the A-20 Havoc, and A-26 Invader, according to their WWII-era flight manuals (see images of relevant pages from these manuals in photo gallery). 

It is mounted on a square bar forward of the pilot or co-pilot's station, and is adjustable over the length of the mounting bar. It could be installed with the sight lens below or above the mounting bar (see images from the aircraft manuals). Calculations are made by means of vector arms which are adjusted through graduated dials. In emergencies, this director may be used as an auxiliary gun sight for the airplane's fixed guns by adjusting the director to a position parallel to the center line of the airplane, and in alignment with the line of fire.

Given that the data label states that this director was made for the Douglas Aircraft Company, it is fair to assume that this would have been installed in either the Douglas A-20 Havoc or A-26 Invader.

All mechanical features appear to function as intended. The glass sight is intact, as is the tinted glass sunscreen.  The rubber eyepiece has, not surprisingly, succumbed to age and UV exposure over the last 70 years.  The lamp is included, but may not work.  Measures 10.5 inches by ~8 inches by ~7.5 inches. 

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