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Recognition Posters, US Army and US Navy Aircraft Collection of 29 Posters, US Navy 1942

US Navy

Recognition Posters, US Army and US Navy Aircraft Collection of 29 Posters, US Navy 1942


Here is a collection of authentic WWII-era Recognition Posters of aircraft of the US Army Air Force and US Navy as published by the US Naval Aviation Training Division during the war.

In this collection are the following aircraft posters:

A-20 Havoc
A-31 Vengeance
B-24 Liberator
B-25 Mitchell
B-26 Marauder
A-30 Baltimore
C-46 Commando
C-54 Skymaster
PBY Catalina
PB2Y Coronado
PBM Mariner
L-4 Grasshopper
L-5 Sentinel
F4F WIldcat
F6F Hellcat
A-29 Hudson
Kingfisher Landplane
Kingfisher Seaplane
C-59 Lodestar
P-38 Lightning
P-39 Airacobra
P-40 Warhawk
PV-3 Ventura
SB2C-1 Helldiver
SB2C-2 Seaplane
SBD Dauntless
Seagull Floatplane
AT-6 Texan
TBF Avenger

Each poster provides the silhouettes, dimensions, and relevant information to educate both air and ground personnel in aircraft identification. Immediate identification of aircraft, friend vs foe, was essential in order for the observer (whether in the air e.g., pilot, gunner, or patrol observer, or on the ground, e.g., anti-aircraft crew) to determine his next course of action (e.g., acknowledge, attack, evade, or only report).

These posters have been linked to a US Navy procurement order of "GPO Order 11174, Req No 3912, and Jacket No 572602" from an earlier reference. We have been unable to link this information to other US Navy documentation.

Given their age, these posters are in very good condition. The poster in the photo represents the collection, but some may be better than others. Judging from the consistent paper stock and printing, it is our judgement that these are not reproductions; however, interested parties are invited to confirm their authenticity. Each poster measures ~19 inches by ~25 inches.

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