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Radio Navigation Indicator AFN-1 Luftwaffe Fl27000


Radio Navigation Indicator AFN-1 Luftwaffe Fl27000


Here is an authentic WWII-era Radio Navigation Indicator AFN-1 Fl27000 as used in aircraft of the German Luftwaffe such as bombers Ju-88 and He-111 and transport Ju-52. 

The AFN-1 instrument is similar to an Instrument Landing System (ILS) indicator for use in low visibility.  The system receives a signal from a ground transmitter at an airfield.  If the aircraft should turn right (rechts) or left (links) toward the signal, the center pointer indicates so. The vertical-scale indicator on the left informs the pilot of his glide path: if coming in too high, the pointer points downward... to low, the pointer points upward, until the pointer is at center indicating correct glide path.  Once the aircraft overflies the transmitter, a lamp at top center would illuminate to indicate that the aircraft has reached the correct location and can visually complete the landing.

The indicator is in reasonable condition given its age. The glass and case are intact. The lamp is not installed in this example. Measures ~3.5 inches diameter and ~4 inches deep.

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