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Radio Control Box BC-496-A for SCR-274-N

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Radio Control Box BC-496-A for SCR-274-N


Many bomber, fighter, and transport aircraft of the US Army Air Force and US Navy during WWII utilized the Radio Set SCR-274-N, a multi-channel aircraft radio receiving and transmitting system.

Installations of the SCR-274-N Airborne Communication System would have Radio Control Boxes with control sections for 1, 2, or 3 radio receivers. Each section was used to control and tune one receiver.  The BC-496-A provided for 2 receivers, for the left control section for frequencies from 3-6 megacycles and the right control section for frequencies from 6-9.1 megacycles. A BC-496 may have been used along with a single section BC-473 in an aircraft whenever it was desired to split the controls between two operators.

On each section, the top left switch marked A-B allows the operator to direct the audio signal output to one of two headset lines (A TEL or B TEL jacks at bottom), or off at midpoint between A and B setting.  The switch at the upper right of each section selected CW (Continuous Wave), Off, or MCW (Modulated Amplitude Continuous Wave).  The knob labeled Increase Output adjusted the audio volume.  The rotatable crank allowed the operator to tune the receiver to the desired frequency, which was displayed by the center dial.  When rotated, the crank turned a flexible cable shaft which was directly connected to the mated receiver.

This panel is in very good condition for its age.  Has some very slight scratches/nicks on its body. All knobs rotate and switches flip. Measures ~6.5 inches wide, ~4 inches tall, and ~2 inches deep (excluding knobs, brackets, and connectors).

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