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Radio Control Box BC-450A for SCR-274 Radio Set (with replacement crank)

Western Electric

Radio Control Box BC-450A for SCR-274 Radio Set (with replacement crank)


Here is an authentic WWII-era Radio Control Box BC-450A was a component of the SCR-274 N command radio set as used in aircraft of the US Army Air Force and US Navy such as heavy bombers B-17, B-24, and B-29 and medium bombers B-25 and B-26.  

SCR-274 was a multi-channel, multi-component aircraft radio receiving and transmitting system (see 2-page description in photo gallery). The BC-450 provided the pilot with remote control of 3 radio receivers. This particular BC-450 was matched with a system comprising of receivers for frequency ranges of 3-6 MC, 190-550 KC, and 6-9.1 MC, from left to right on the panel. Each control could dial in the desired frequency in that range by rotating the crank, which in turn rotated a flexible shaft cable that ran from this controller to the radio mounted in the radio compartment of the aircraft.  The A-B switch sent the signal to headset A or B.  

This example has a damaged crank, but comes with a replacement crank (the stem of the damaged crank remains on the shaft and we have elected not to try to remove it so as not to cause damage). All of the cranks turn and rotate the dials as they should. The lettering on the panels are slightly worn, see photos. Measures ~1.75 inches deep, ~9.5 inches wide, and ~4 inches tall.  

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