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Pitot Tube, Luftwaffe Aircraft, Düse Sedü 3.5, W.28670


Pitot Tube, Luftwaffe Aircraft, Düse Sedü 3.5, W.28670


Here is a WWII-era aircraft Pitot Tube as used in aircraft of the German Luftwaffe.  It is marked Düse Sedü 3.5 (3.5 = nozzle coefficient), W.28670, made by Original-Bruhn of Berlin. Typically mounted under the wing or fuselage of the aircraft, the pitot tube was employed by pitot-statically-driven instruments to perform their function, e.g., airspeed indicator, vertical velocity/rate of climb indicators, and altimeters by measuring the differential pressure across two orifices as air is driven across their surface with the hollow tube.  

We have been advised that the aircraft application for this model pitot tube was a Luftwaffe glider, but we have no way to confirm.  The artifact is stamped "5.39.", and we are assuming that is the manufacturing date of May 1939. Measures ~12 inches long with the horizontal tube measuring ~4 inches long and 7/8 inches diameter.  A very interesting artifact indeed.

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