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Crash Relic: Pitot Tube Fl.22287 Luftwaffe


Crash Relic: Pitot Tube Fl.22287 Luftwaffe


Here is a WWII-era aircraft Pitot Tube Fl 22287 crash relic, as used in aircraft of the German Luftwaffe, and recovered from a crash site in Poland.

Typically mounted under the wing or fuselage of the aircraft, the pitot tube was employed by pitot-statically-driven instruments to perform their function, e.g., airspeed indicator, vertical velocity/rate of climb indicators, and altimeters by measuring the differential pressure across two orifices as air is driven across their surface with the hollow tube.

Measures ~9 inches long with the horizontal tube measuring ~4 inches long and 7/8 inches diameter. A very interesting artifact indeed. 

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