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Control Lever Assembly Lockheed Aircraft


Control Lever Assembly Lockheed Aircraft


Here is a WWII-era Control Lever Assembly as used in the US twin-engined aircraft made by Lockheed:  The US Army Air Force A-28/29 Hudson Light Bomber / PBO-1 Coastal Recon, and the US Navy PV-1 Ventura, and PV-2 Harpoon, which were 3 generations of the platform airframe.  These aircraft also saw extensive service in the RAF, RAAF, RNZAF, and RCAF. 

This lever assembly was installed on center pedestal to the right of the throttle quadrant, with each lever attached to its subject of control via mechanical cable.  The black left lever engaged or disengaged the Sperry Gyropilot. The black center lever placed the Tailwheel in either its locked forward position) or released it for free-swiveling action. The red right lever opened and closed the doors of the bomb bay.  Each lever has a button at the top which must be depressed to release the lever from its engaged position. The Gyropilot lever also has another release at the bottom/OFF position which must be depressed separately to move the lever toward the ON position.

The lever assembly is mounted on a 8"x10" black pressed-wood display, with a plaque which reads CAUTION OPEN BOMB BAY DOORS BEFORE RELEASING BOMBS, sound advice indeed. The assembly itself is ~3.5 inches wide, ~4.75 inches deep, with a max lever height of ~8.5 inches.  All buttons engage/disengage, as does the Gyropilot release. The levers are stiff but each travel its full range. The paint is chipped revealing the experience of the assembly.

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