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Landing Gear Position Indicator Panel

Manufacturer Unknown

Landing Gear Position Indicator Panel


Here is a WWII-era Landing Gear Position Indicator Panel.  When in use, the red light would illuminate when the gear is up, and the green light illuminates once the gear is down. It included a toggle in the center to test that the bulbs were good.  Spare bulbs are contained in the two receptacles below the red and green lights (see photo showing the bulbs removed). The rims of the red and green lights rotate to dim or brighten the lights when illuminated. Believed to be used on some US Army Air Corps/Forces training aircraft.

It is in reasonable condition given its age.  All of the examples of these that we've seen appear to have been directly built onto the instrument panel (as opposed to being separate units such as landing gear indicators Army Type A-2, A-3 or AN-5780).  They are presented as having been cut from the original panels in similar fashion, do not had a rear housing apparently by design, and have no data plate.  Measures approximately 4 inches square and 2 inches deep.  The electrical serviceability is unknown, either for the indicator or spare bulbs.


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