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Interception Plotter RAF Ref 6B/432 "Craig Computor"

Air Ministry

Interception Plotter RAF Ref 6B/432 "Craig Computor"


Now here's an interesting device. This is an original post-WWII Interception Plotter Ref 6B/432 as designed for use at ground stations of the British Royal Air Force.  It was intended to be an improvement upon the much smaller Course and Speed Calculator Mk IIA.

The plotter would be affixed to a large chart table and the user would assist aircrew with the relevant information (see photo of GCI Interception Cabin at Sopley UK).  It essentially performs the functions of an E-6B flight computer, although with more parts, weight, and complexity.

We cannot determine if all of the parts are in place, although they look to be according to the accompanying typewritten usage instructions with photos. The device could use some TLC and lubrication. The bottom aluminum frame has sustained minor damage to the corner where it screws into the wooden case, see photo, and there is a slight dent in the Wind Direction card.  Included is a round spool with string and hook that likely is to be mounted somewhere on the device or table. There is a green fuse-like item affixed to the inside case that we have no idea of its purpose. Even sharpened pencils are still attached to the device. 

Otherwise it is a cool and unusual piece to add to your collection.

It is a large and heavy device, with the case measuring ~ 28 in x 10 in x 7 in and weighing 23 lbs.  Local pick up can be arranged, otherwise expect a hefty shipping cost from California.

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