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Hydrographic Station Pointer in Wooden Case, Nautical

Kelvin Hughes

Hydrographic Station Pointer in Wooden Case, Nautical


This Hydrographic Station Pointer was used in coastal navigation to determine the position of a sea-going vessel and to chart coastlines. It consists of a fixed arm secured to a brass circle and two movable arms that can be adjusted to angles determined by a sextant. Three arm extensions are in included in the kit. More about how it was used can be found here.

Although not specifically labeled, we believe it to have been manufactured by Kelvin and Hughes due to the embossed "KH/CSR/1678/6" on the center arm, and that Kelvin and Hughes did manufacture station pointers.  The firm was founded in 1947, so this example would have been made after then.

The case measures ~ 20 in x 9 in x 3 in.  Fully assembled the station pointer is ~29 in long.  It is in very good condition given its age. It's a beautiful brass instrument that would display very nicely. 


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