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Gunners Quadrant M1 with Case and Technical Manual, 1943


Gunners Quadrant M1 with Case and Technical Manual, 1943


This is a WWII-era M1 Gunner’s Quadrant, a portable precision leveling instrument used for laying artillery weapons in elevation, measuring their angles of elevation, and checking the elevation mechanisms of fire control equipment.  The Gunners Quadrant was also used to level the guns of aircraft such as the B-29 Superfortress and to harmonize the guns with their gun sights.  See image of page 67 from the B-29 Gunnery Manual describing the Quadrant.

The Gunner’s Quadrant was used throughout the US Army with various rifles, guns, gun carriages, self-propelled guns, howitzers, mortars, anti-aircraft gun mounts, cannons, tracked armored landing vehicles, and multiple rocket launchers.

The Gunners Quadrant TM 9-1527 Technical Manual dated 1943 can be downloaded at no cost by clicking here.

Our example comes with its original M82 metal case and strap.  It is in excellent condition.  The knob turns, the slide moves across the scale, and the bubble is full and intact within the glass chamber.

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