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Fuel Quantity Transfer Indicator Avien 252-010-9A  F-8U


Fuel Quantity Transfer Indicator Avien 252-010-9A F-8U

Here is an instrument that you've probably not seen before. This instrument shows the amount of fuel in pounds transferred via pump from one tank to another, probably for a weight balancing system prior to this being an automatic process.  It is part of a 4 unit system which were to be calibrated together (but not in AeroAntique inventory). The label stating TURN PUMP OFF AT 2000, is place on the glass, but over the same text appearing on the dial face reading TURN PUMP OFF AT 3000.  A last minute spec change? Who knows. WIth the part number prefixes of CV, it may have been for a Convair or a Chance Vought aircraft such as the F-8U Crusader, which has 3 transfer fuel tanks which would have required a calibrated set as specified on the body of this indicator, and the transfer quantities would have been within the labeled limit.  It has a test label dated Nov 1957.  The front mounting bracket is set in place but not screwed in.  Measures 2.25 inches diameter by 6.5 inches long.

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