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Fuel Quantity Indicator, TBM Avenger (early), 4 Tank, Liquidometer EA-101-1


Fuel Quantity Indicator, TBM Avenger (early), 4 Tank, Liquidometer EA-101-1


Here is another exceptional artifact from the iconic WWII-era US Navy Torpedo Bomber, the TBM Avenger: a 4-tank Fuel Quantity Indicator.  Made by Liquidometer, part number EA-101-1, the unit indicated fuel quantity in four tanks: left, right, and center wing tanks, and the bomb bay droppable tank, in concentric scales respectively starting from center axis. 

While we have not found this indicator in any TBM manuals of the era just yet, the capacities of each tank match those shown on the fuel quantity indicator of the later TBM version, see our listing here. It is highly unlikely that another aircraft of that era had the identical fuel capacities across four fuel tanks. The design of the indicator suggests that a fuel tank selector switch must have been on the panel adjacent to this indicator, and the pilot would view the fuel quantity in a specific tank by selecting the tank with the switch, and the quantity would be displayed on the corresponding scale by the single pointer.

This example is in nice condition given its age, see photos. Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~3.5 inches deep.

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