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Fuel Quantity Indicator, 4 Tank, Liquidometer, EA-48-17, B-29 Superfortress


Fuel Quantity Indicator, 4 Tank, Liquidometer, EA-48-17, B-29 Superfortress


This is an authentic WWII-era quad-tank Fuel Quantity Indicator made by Liquidometer, PN EA-48-17, as used in the US Army Air Force's Boeing B-29 Superfortress (see illustrations of B-29 Flight Engineer's instrument panel showing instrument location). 

According to the B-29 Flight Manual dated May 1945, each of the four engines in a B-29 had four main fuel tanks in the wings (not counting any auxilliary/droppable tanks).  The Outboard fuel tanks, numbers 1 and 4, had a capacity of 1361 US Gallons each, while the Inboard fuel tanks, numbers 2 and 3, had a capacity of 1436 US Gallons each.  The knob situated below the display on the indicator rotates the fuel tank display 1 thru 4 (see photo of display partially rotated), indicating the quantity of fuel in each from 0 to 1320 gallons in tanks 1 and 4, and 0-1415 gallons in tanks 2 and 3 (see photos showing different displays between tanks 1 and 2). The difference between the manual and the indicator is to allow for the potential differences due to fuel expansion resulting from changes in temperature and pressure.  

The instrument is experienced but is in exceptional condition for its age.  The dial markings are clear and the glass and case are intact. Measures 3.25 inches wide by 5.75 inches high and 5.5 inches deep.

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