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Flight Computer Indicator Type A-1 & A-2 and Zero Reader


Flight Computer Indicator Type A-1 & A-2 and Zero Reader


This is a Cold War-era Flight Computer (Zero Reader) Indicator used on versions of the US Air Force F-86D Sabrejet, F-89 B & C Scorpion, and F-94C Starfire jet fighters. Made by Sperry, part number 673230, with a serial number prefix of AF-51, evidence of a manufacturing year of 1951.

According to the F-89 Flight Manual, the flight computer electronically combines attitude, altitude, heading, and radio information to advise the pilot that the aircraft if flying in accordance with a selected flight plan.  The flight plan may call for use of the flight computer as a flight instrument, navigation instrument, and as a heading selector.

The A-1 flight computer indicator at the top center of the pilot's instrument panel combines into one instrument a flight indicator and a heading selector.  Turning the set course knob rotates the course dial to bring the desired track figure under the course index.  The heading pointer is coupled to, and rotates simultaneously with, the gyromagnetic compass so that the heading of the aircraft can be read continously on the course dial under the heading pointer, and the vertical bar deflects to give an appropriate "fly right" or "fly left" indication.

The flight computer indicator is in good condition given its age.  Measures ~5 inches square and ~9 inches deep.  The coating on the power cord is separated in 3 places, but the cord itself appears to be intact.  The glass and case are intact and the set course knob turns the heading card.

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