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F-4E Phantom II Instrument Panel

McDonnell Douglas

F-4E Phantom II Instrument Panel

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AeroAntique is pleased to share this instrument panel owned by one of our good friends. We welcome inquiries and are happy to put you in contact with the owner of this artifact. Please email us with the name of the artifact at .

This complete instrument panel is from F-4E Phantom II s/n 68-0427 fighter.

According to our friend, sourcing Wikipedia:

"This was my first F4 panel, starting with just the panel itself. It took over 5 years+ to locate all of the parts for it. The panel is a conglomerate of Phantom II parts that literally came from the world over; Germany, England, Israel, Turkey and the USA. For instance; the last piece to complete the panel was the Radio Call Sign placard (68-0427). It came from a Turkish F4-E that was just very recently scrapped. See the history of this USAF aircraft / Turkish AF aircraft below. The panel is exceptional and is very true to the original configuration. F4-E Instrument Panel components are the hardest to locate and as to be expected, the most expensive.
Interestingly, I have pictures of this aircraft as a USAF airplane and also as a Turkish Air Force airplane (see photo gallery).


USAF version with an integral M61 Vulcan cannon in the elongated RF-4C nose, AN/APQ-120 radar with smaller cross-section to accommodate the cannon, J79-GE-17 engines with 17,900 lbf (79.379 kN) of afterburner thrust each. Late-series aircraft equipped with leading-edge slats to improve maneuverability at the expense of top speed under the Agile Eagle program. Starting with Block 53, aircraft added AGM-65 Maverick capability and smokeless J79-GE-17C or -17E engines. First flight 1 August 1965. The most numerous Phantom variant; 1,370 built.

F-4E-39-MC s/n 68-0427

*USAF 15th TFW.
*USAF 56th TFW.
*1980: USAF 339th TFS (347th TFW).
*1985: USAF 69th TFS (347th TFW).
*1987: USAF 70th TFS (347th TFW).
*1990: USAFR 457th TFS (301st TFG).
*3/1991: Transferred to the Turkish AF.
*2000-01: 112 Filo.

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