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Directional Gyro / Turn Indicator Type A-5


Directional Gyro / Turn Indicator Type A-5

The WWII-era Directional Gyro / Turn Indicator Type A-5 was standard equipment in aircraft of the US Army Air Corps and Air Force. Made by Sperry, part number 644730. The face is embossed with the serial number prefix AC-41, indicating a year of manufacture of 1941 for an aircraft of the Air Corps. This unit also has the inclinometer above the caging knob.

According to the spec sheet in the Index of Army Aeronautical equipment Volume 6 Instruments, dated 1944, "This unit is equipped with a vacuum-driven gyroscope with its operating range limited to 55 degrees climb, dive, or bank. It is mounted on the instrument panel in the pilot's compartment and connected through a vacuum gage and selector valve to a source of vacuum, either an engine driven air pump or a venturi pump."

It is in very nice condition given its age. The caging knob still cages the gyro when pushed in, turns the card when caged, and releases it when pulled out. The dial and glass are intact. The inclinometer tube is cracked and the fluid is no longer present. Measures 4.5 inches square by ~5 inches deep.

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