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Control Unit, BC-434-A, (Restoration Project) of SCR-269 Automatic Radio Compass


Control Unit, BC-434-A, (Restoration Project) of SCR-269 Automatic Radio Compass


This BC-434-A Remote Control Box, ready for an aircraft restoration project or for modification for a ham radio project, for the aircraft receiver BC-433 of the Radio Compass SCR-269 system for direction finding and homing. The receiver function tunes from 200-1750 kHz across 3 bands, which were selected by rotating the center knob below the frequency band window.  The center knob rotates a flexible shaft connected to a rotatable loop antenna.

The SCR 269 system (see diagram), as installed in an aircraft such as the heavy bomber B-24 Liberator, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-29 Superfortress, and medium bombers and transport aircraft, typically consisted of the following components:

  • One BC-433C receiver
  • Two BC-434-A Remote Control Boxes
  • Three MC124 Flexible Shafts
  • One MC-203 Flexible Shaft T connector.
  • I-81-A Pilots Indicator
  • I-82-A Navigators Indicator
  • BK-22-A Relay Terminal Panel
  • LP-21-A Rotatable Loop Antenna
  • CD-365 Antenna Cord

The box apparently has been mounted on an aluminum panel and modified perhaps for use in a ham radio system.  Toggle switches have been installed on the bottom panel, the flexible shaft connector has been modified for a rear facing mount, and electrical wiring and connectors added, see photos. Otherwise, the unit is in exceptional cosmetic condition and all mechanical features appear to operate.

Originally procured by AeroAntique in hopes of restoring it to its original condition for our Private Collection.  Instead, it is being offered for restoration by a 501c3 project (as a donation plus shipping, please contact us directly) or for private enthusiasts at our cost plus shipping/handling.


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