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Computer, Naval Course Corrector (FLITEC112)


Computer, Naval Course Corrector (FLITEC112)

On Auction at eBay

This unique collectible resides in The Fulford Collection and is on auction on eBay April 22-25, 2021 with bidding some items extended thru May 1. Please visit our eBay Store to place a bid.

This is a 14-inch-diameter metal maritime course computer mounted on a wood base and framed for display.

According to collector George Fulford's notes:

The prettiest and most worthless – from a taxpayers point of view – computer to come out of WW2. To quote the instruction on the inside cover of the box. This computer will convert, mechanically, a True Course to Magnetic Course and to Compass course when variation, deviation or compass error is known. For this you need five pounds of steel and wood? These people must have had some pretty good contacts in the War Department! But let’s make the best of it now. It’s one pretty shining object and looks stunning hanging on the wall. Even sailors and airmen who know that to do with compass headings in their head think it’s a pretty nifty show piece.

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