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Compass, Magnetic, US Military Vehicle, Pioneer 1829-2-A


Compass, Magnetic, US Military Vehicle, Pioneer 1829-2-A

The Pioneer 1829-2-A Magnetic Compass was used in various US military vehicles and naval craft during WWII.  It has a screw-type heeling compensator, a removable drawer-type compensator, a screw-type horizontal compensator, and a spider-type compensator, all for the elimination of errors caused by magnetism.  Has a constant deviation corrector and a course setter. With a rotatable dial engraved with the compass card graduations. The compass mounted anywhere and rotates within the the framework of the body to give another thirty degrees of adjustment. Also, has a rotating disk with Pioneer and numbers on it for us as a course reminder, of which 25% is intact. Measures approximately 8.5 inches tall by ~5 inches wide.

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