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CAC CA-15 Instrument Panel


CAC CA-15 Instrument Panel

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AeroAntique is pleased to share this instrument panel owned by one of our good friends. We welcome inquiries and are happy to put you in contact with the owner of this artifact. Please email us with the name of the artifact at .

From the panel's owner:

"This is a reproduction panel made because there is virtually no possibility of finding the original, and also with correct instrumentation (except perhaps the fuel gauges). The CA-15 was another innovative design by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation but it did not go beyond a single prototype, partly because of the super-abundance of good fighter types for all foreseeable RAAF requirements and partly because of the promise of jet power.  Designed as a long-range bomber escort and high performance air superiority fighter, its sporadic flight-testing program from 1946 to 1950 was eventually terminated after it sustained major damage resulting from a partial landing gear extension followed by gear collapse on landing due to loss of hydraulic fluid.

The CA-15 was NEVER officially named Kangaroo and, as the type consisted of only the single test aircraft, it was never known or tested widely enough even in the RAAF to garner a nickname that stuck. The Kookaburra name seems to have been tagged onto the CA-15, decades after the actual aircraft was broken up, by the sort of authors who feel a need to give every type a popular name even if if it did not have one in its own time."

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