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Beacon Radio Receiver BC-1206-C, Model 524


Beacon Radio Receiver BC-1206-C, Model 524


The WWII-era Beacon Receiver BC-1206 (with 3 manuals), often categorically called "Detrola", is a small airborne superheterodyne receiver with frequency range of 200-400 KC for receiving signals from ground-based transmitters within a range of 150 miles.  They could also receive voice transmissions, according to the documentation included in this listing.  In the photo gallery, see the location of the receiver on the right side of the cockpit in a P-47 from its flight manual, in addition to the flight manual's instructions for its use. These can also be seen in the WWII-era flight manuals for fighters P-51, P-40, and P-38.

Aural signals transmitting from a ground station indicate to the pilot the aircraft's position bearing left, right, or aligned with the transmitting station.  Typically these were installed in fighter or trainer aircraft for flight within the US and for ferrying the aircraft overseas, where they could then removed from the aircraft before entering combat (but at times were left in the aircraft for subsequent use). 

This BC-1206 was manufactured as the Model 524 by Setchell Carlson, but it was also made by Detrola, (known as the Detrola Model 438) but with a different face design.

This artifact is in good cosmetic condition given its age.  Measures 5 inches by 5 inches by 8 inches long. Three hard copy manuals are included.

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