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Height Recorder Hohenschreiber (Barograph) Luftwaffe


Height Recorder Hohenschreiber (Barograph) Luftwaffe


A Hohenschreiber is a height-recording instrument that is essentially a barograph, i.e., it measures change in barometric pressure that is interpreted as altitude and recorded on a rotating chart drum.  It is specified for measuring altitude up to 15 Km. This example was made by Gebr. Winter Jungingen Hohenz.

The instrument contains a bellows for measuring change in altitude/barometric pressure and a rotating strip chart recorder drum.  As pressure drops, the bellow causes a pen scribe to rise along the strip chart, marking the change in altitude.  When opened, a winder and duration-selector is visible at the bottom of the recording drum. The duration-selector can be set to rotate the drum once for 2, 4, or 10 hours of duration.  Once wound and case closed, the drum rotates when the lever at the rear left corner is moved from Aus to Ein, and the clicking of the mechanism begins.  The drum can be removed and the chart replaced as needed.

The Hohenschreiber was typically attached to the aircraft or airship using bungee cords to absorb turbulence during flight.  Measures 10" long including the handle, 6 1/2" tall and about 4" wide and weighs 3.6 pounds There are 2 slight cracks on the surface of the curved front clear casing, otherwise no damage that is apparent.  The clock mechanism does not appear to run its full setting.

There is a label on the side which reads: Die nullpunkt verstellung ist mit schraubensicherungslack plombiert. Eine verletzung dieser plombierung macht die eichung ungultig. When translated, means: The zero point adjustment is sealed with screw locking lacquer. A violation of this seal makes the calibration invalid.  Be advised!

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