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Autopilot Attitude Gyro, Lear 2175A, RAF?


Autopilot Attitude Gyro, Lear 2175A, RAF?


Here is an Attitude Gyro component of a 1950's-era Lear Autopilot System (the exact early Lear system has not been determined).  This pneumatic gyro appears quite similar to those used in RAF aircraft produced by Sperry (especially the British label "Do Not Jar, Handle Like Eggs") but with an electrical pick-off at the back, which likely transmitted the aircraft's attitude to the autopilot controller.  Has a service label dated 1966.

The face is in decent condition for its age.  The gyro rotates. The knob on the face should adjust the perspective indicator at center, but is stiff and requires some TLC.  Measures ~4.5 inches diameter and ~9 inches deep.  See photos.


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