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Antenna, Mast VHF Type AN-74, for SCR-522 VHF Radio, B-17, B-25

Manufacturer Unknown

Antenna, Mast VHF Type AN-74, for SCR-522 VHF Radio, B-17, B-25


This is a fine example of a AN-74 VHF Mast Antenna as used for the SCR-522 airborne radio system during WWII.  The SCR-522 VHF Radio Set was used in various early versions of US Army Air Corps/Force aircraft models such as B-17 and B-25 bombers, as illustrated in the Airborne Radio Equipment Handbook dated 1943 (see illustrations).  It is similar to the more common AN-104 Mast Antenna used in later aircraft versions.

This radio set was intended for use in U.S. Army aircraft and provides two-way radio-telephone communication between aircraft in flight and between aircraft and ground stations. Operation may take place on any of four crystal-controlled channels lying within the frequency range of the equipment. 

This antenna was typically positioned atop the fuselage and behind the cockpit.  It includes a metal ring at the top for affixing a wire command set antenna which ran to the top of the tail. The construction is that of a wood mast encased in thin metal with a cable running internally lengthwise from tip to a junction at the base. The junction box would be installed beneath the skin of the fuselage, with the mast protruding upright externally.  Measures approximately 29 inches in length. One of the wooden pieces in the junction box appears to have some slight damage and may need replaced, which should not be a difficult task.

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