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Altimeter, Type C-14, 35,000 ft, WWII 1555-2J-A


Altimeter, Type C-14, 35,000 ft, WWII 1555-2J-A


Here is a WWII-era Sensitive Altimeter, Type C-14, made by Bendix, part number 1555-2J-A as made for aircraft of the US Army Air Corps.  The C-14 Altimeter was used across a wide number of aircraft of the US Navy and US Army Air Corps, including heavy bombers B-17 and B-24, medium bombers, B-25 and B-26, Fighters P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, and P-51, and transports C-46 and C-47. AC US ARMY is embossed on its face.  

The C-14 Sensitive Altimeter displayed altitude using 3 pointers. The first and longest indicated 100's of feet, the second indicated 1000's of feet, and the third and smallest indicated 10,000's of feet.  The knob is used to adjust the altimeter to the barometric pressure as displayed in the small window at the 6 o'clock position.  See spec sheet in the photo gallery.

This is one of the best cosmetic examples that we've seen. The knob rotates and turns the barometric reading. The glass and case are intact.  Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~4 inches deep.

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