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Altimeter, Pressurized Cabin, 16,000km, Luftwaffe Fl22326


Altimeter, Pressurized Cabin, 16,000km, Luftwaffe Fl22326


This is a WWII-era Fine/Coarse Altimeter use in advanced aircraft of the German Luftwaffe with a pressurized cabin, such as the FW (Tank) Ta 152H High Altitude fighter, the Heinkel He 162 jet fighter, and the Bachem Ba 349 "Natter" rocket-powered interceptor.

The altimeter is equipped with two pointers, the long pointer for meters and the shorter pointer for kilometers. The knob at the lower right is used to adjust the altimeter for barometric pressure, as shown in the small window above the center axis. There is a very informative detailed description of this altimeter at the website of our friends DeutscheLuftwaffe.   

The altimeter is in terrific condition given its age. The knob turns as it should.  Measures 3.25 inches square and 3.5 inches deep.

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