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Altimeter, Luftwaffe, Fl.22316-1, R.Fuess Hohenmesser 1940


Altimeter, Luftwaffe, Fl.22316-1, R.Fuess Hohenmesser 1940


This is an example of a WWII-era Fine (i.e., sensitive) Altimeter of the German Luftwaffe, Fl.22316-1, model 17a, manufactured in 1940 by R.Fuess. This altimeter measured altitude up to 1 kilometer in increments of 10 meters.  Above the center axis is a window to display barometric pressure in millibar, with which the altimeter could be corrected by rotating the bottom center knob.

This altimeter was used in Luftwaffe bomber Dornier Do-17, the Junkers Ju-52 transport, glider DFS 230, and the Gotha 145.  See the location of the altimeter on the Do-17 instrument panel as illustrated in German Aircraft Instrument Panels vol.2.

It is in terrific condition given its age. The knob rotates and adjusts the barometric card.  Measures ~3.25 inches diameter and ~3 inches deep.

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