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Altimeter, Japanese Naval Aviation, Sensitive Model 2 "Kai" 10,000 M


Altimeter, Japanese Naval Aviation, Sensitive Model 2 "Kai" 10,000 M

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This specimen of the WWII-era Model 2 Sensitive Altimeter is made by Tanaka for aircraft of the Japanese Navy.  The long pointer rotates clockwise from the 6 o'clock position indicating altitude in 100 Meters. Once the aircraft reaches 1000 Meters, the short pointer begins to rotate clockwise, indicating altitude up to 10,000 Meters. The knob adjusts the accuracy of the reading by calibrating the instrument to the current barometric pressure as shown in the small window above center. 

This Altimeter was used in aircraft of the Japanese Navy (see anchor on data plate) during WWII, including*:

  • Kawanishi N1K Siden-Kai Fighter aka "George"
  • Nakajima C6N Carrier-based Reconnaissance Plane Saiun

*According to Funatsu Aviation Instruments Museum

The indicator is in exceptional condition given its age. The knob rotates and the barometric card turns.  Measures ~3.25 inches diameter by ~4 inches deep.

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