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Airspeed Analytical Instrument, Luftwaffe


Airspeed Analytical Instrument, Luftwaffe


This interesting device appears to be a WWII-era or post-war Airspeed Analytical Instrument.  Likely a bench instrument and not used in flight.

On the rear of the cabinet is a static pressure port, which leads to a bellows inside of the device, which is further connected to the internal mechanical apparatus of the instrument. A lever responds to the differential pressure applied to the device, which then rotates the pointer on the display.  An airspeed indicator in test may have been connected between the pressure source and this test device, and the measurements compared once pressure is applied.  This is a hypothetical application.

The cabinet design appears to be repurposed from that used by the Fl22861 Altitude Recorder/Barograph, as evidenced by the curved design of the clear display. 

It is a very interesting instrument indeed. The device is clearly out of calibration, and we have not attempted repair. 

Measure ~6.5 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and ~8 inches deep. 

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