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Elevator / Nose / Flap Position Indicator, GE Type DJ11

General Electric

Elevator / Nose / Flap Position Indicator, GE Type DJ11

This is a Flap, or Elevator/Nose Position Indicator, General Electric Type DJ11 Model 8DJ11PB. While it resembles a flap indicator, the nomenclature on its face ("Elevate" and "Depress") as well as the range on the degrees scale (10 to 0 to 65deg) doesn't seem to support that identification. If it were a Nose angle indicator, it would seem to be for a dive bomber, although they typically attempted to dive as steep as 90deg. Its an interesting indicator nonetheless, and appears in the design of the 1940-50's GE position indicators. Measures 2.25in diameter and ~2in deep. It is in nice condition given its age. The dial markings are clear and the glass and case are intact, it appears to be New Old Stock.


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