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Aircraft Descriptive Data Set: B-52A, YDB-47E, F-100C, F-89C

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Aircraft Descriptive Data Set: B-52A, YDB-47E, F-100C, F-89C


Here is a set of 4 technical drawings of the general arrangement of 4 USAF military aircraft of the early 1950's, labeled Aircraft Descriptive Data. These drawings came to AeroAntique from the estate of a Lockheed aeronautical engineer who worked on projects with C.L."Kelly" Johnson. Although undated, our research points to the probability that they were created during the years around 1954 based upon the introduction of 3 of these aircraft in 1954. The Lockheed engineer was also in Lockheed's Competitive Data Group, hence the likely reason that he possessed drawings of non-Lockheed aircraft. 

Included are:

  • Boeing B-52A Stratofortress Bomber (rolled out in 1954) marked Confidential
  • Boeing YDB-47E Stratojet Bomber (Four B-47E's were converted in 1954 to deliver the GAM-63 RASCAL,a supersonic air-to-surface missile, the USAF's first nuclear armed standoff missile) marked Confidential
  • North American F-100C Super Saber Fighter (first flight 1954)
  • Northrup F-89C Scorpion Fighter

Each drawing is 8.5 by 11 inches and show 3 views of the aircraft: front, side, and top.  Each drawing is in blue ink and the paper has yellowed with age.

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