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Aircraft Clock, Elapsed Time USN R88-C-374


Aircraft Clock, Elapsed Time USN R88-C-374


This is an original Cold War/Vietnam War-era Elapsed Time Clock, made for US Navy military aircraft applications by Elgin (R88-C-374), and as used in aircraft-carrier-based Grumman Cougar F9F-5 and North American Fury FJ2 Jet Fighters. See photo of the cockpit of the F9F-5 from its flight manual dated 1955, showing the location of the clock. 

The clock winds and keeps time at least several minutes. Has not been examined for accuracy or full functionality, but it is in excellent shape.  A service label from the Naval Air Rework Facility Jacksonville FL is affixed to the top dated Q3-1985. The dial is 1 7/8 inches diameter and is ~1.5 inch deep. 

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