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Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, 8DJ4PWE Lighted

General Electric

Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, 8DJ4PWE Lighted


Here is a WWII-era Wheel and Flap Position Indicator of the Air Corps US Army, General Electric part number 8DJ4PWE, was used in aircraft with a nose wheel (vs tail wheel aircraft).  This model is equipped with a light in the upper right corner, which would have illuminated with a turn of the small knob. 

The position of the wheels were indicated by the 3 small window insets, one each on the nose and each wing. The indicator in each window inset would display whether the wheels are up or down, locked or unlocked. The position of the flaps was indicated in the small window inset at the bottom, by showing increments of quarter fractions from 0 degrees (Up) to fully extended 45 degrees (Down).

The glass and case are intact and the dial content is clear and precise. The glass has some dust on the inside, which could be opened and cleaned if desired. Measure 3.25 inches diameter and ~2.5 inches deep.

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