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Vertical Speed Indicator 6,000 Ft/min


Vertical Speed Indicator 6,000 Ft/min


Here is an early WWII-era Vertical Speed (Rate of Climb) Indicator made by Kollsman, part number 716K-01-7007, used to indicate the vertical airspeed of the aircraft in a climb or descent.  This model indicated vertical airspeed from 0-6,000 feet per minute.  It has an adjustment screw at the lower left corner to calibrate the pointer to zero at level flight.  

The subsequent Kollsman model 716K-02, which was made to the US Army Air Force Type C-2 spec, was virtually identical to the 716K-01 with the noted exception of the dial markings (the number "6" appeared alongside it's index marks on the 716K-02 version, while the index mark was not labeled on this version) and the C-2 is ~1 inch shorter.  According to the US Army Air Force's Maintenance Interchangeability Cross Reference Chart dated Dec 1943, the 716K-02 was commonly used across US Army Air Force aircraft, such as the B-17, B-24, P-38, etc.

It is in exceptional condition given its age. The glass, case, and markings are all intact.  Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~5 inches deep. 

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