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Rocket Firing Distribution Controller Mk 3, US, Navy F4U (#3 of 3)

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Rocket Firing Distribution Controller Mk 3, US, Navy F4U (#3 of 3)


Here is a Rocket Station Distribution Box which appeared in WW2-era F4U Corsairs of the US Navy, and possibly others.  It is labeled for the US Navy.

The panel was installed in the F4U cockpit on the upper right side.  See a photo of the panel from the F4U Flight Manual. 

Once switched On, the controller determines how the rockets are fired when the pilot depresses the rocket firing switch located on an adjacent panel. So, when the firing switch is depressed, either:

a)  no response (if the Safety Plug has not been inserted)
b)  firing of the selected rocket pair (i.e., "Station") per that indicated in the Next Station window, or
c)  if Single is selected, manually firing rocket pairs upon depressing the firing switch each time,  or
d)  if Auto is selected, automatically firing all rocket pairs in 10 second intervals,
e)  if the Safe switch is selected, rocket detonation will be delayed after impact; if Arm is selected, detonation occurs upon impact.

This panel is in good condition given its age. All toggles flip. The station selector does not rotate the pair number in the window due to apparent water ingress (internal rust), but could possibly be repaired. Measures 5 inches wide, 6 inches high, and ~2.5 inches deep.

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