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Recognition Manual, Naval Vessels, FM 30-50, 1943

US Government Printing Office

Recognition Manual, Naval Vessels, FM 30-50, 1943


This WWII-era Recognition Manual, Naval Vessels, FM 30-50 was standard issue to US military personnel who could be confronted with naval vessels and require identification skills to perform their responsibilities. This included ships crew and crew of aircraft of the US Navy and US Army Air Force.

The manual provides identification standards and references to the observer so that they can distinguish between friend and foe and understand the threat potential of an identified enemy vessel.

It contains silhouettes, photographs, and details of all of the major ships of the time.

This edition has some humidity damage as evidenced by its wavy pages, but its contents are clear and legible. Measures 10.5 inches wide by ~6 inches, and ~ 3/4 inches thick.

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