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Oxygen Indicator, USSR, Oxygen Indicator IK-24N (ик-24н)

Manufacturer Unknown

Oxygen Indicator, USSR, Oxygen Indicator IK-24N (ик-24н)


This is a fine example of a Cold War-era, Soviet, Oxygen System Indicator as used in the USSR Air Force aircraft.  The indicator measure and conveys the system oxygen pressure (i.e., quantity) up to 150 kilograms/square centimeter, via the pointer in the upper half of the display.  The indicator also provides visual indicator of oxygen flow similar to the WWII-era "blinker" device: as the pilot inhales/exhales, the two white 'eyelids' below center diverge/converge to indicator that oxygen is in fact flowing through the device KP-52M (КП-52M).

The Russian Cyrillic lettering on the instrument, "КИСЛОРОД" means Oxygen, and "МАСЛО ОПАСНО"  means Oil, Dangerous.  Measures ~2.5 inches diameter and ~4 inches deep.  

Many thanks to a colleague in Ukraine for assistance in understanding the device.


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