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Japanese Navy Ships Plans, Collection of 58 Drawings


Japanese Navy Ships Plans, Collection of 58 Drawings


This collection of 58 WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Ships Plans is from the estate of noted naval historian and author Robert Sumrall. The written content of each drawing is in Japanese with some English annotations. 

Included are drawings of 15 IJN ships, including carriers Hiryu, Akagi, Unryu, battleships Nagato, Mutsu, Ise, Kirishima, Yamato, etc., and some cruisers and other ships.  Drawings include different angles and elevations. Drawings are in various sizes, the smallest is 16x24 inches, and the largest are 80x24 and 114x15 inches.

These are undated Japanese reproductions. None are believed to be the original drawings. A list of the drawings can be provided upon request... it lists the ship names, perspectives, and sizes of each drawing. The photos included in this listing are samples. Photos of specific drawings can be provided.

This collection is being offered for sale as one lot.

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