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Gyro Transmitter, AN5751-1, Flux Gate Compass System


Gyro Transmitter, AN5751-1, Flux Gate Compass System


The Gyro Transmitter AN5751-1 was an integral component of the WWII era Bendix Gyro Flux Gate Compass System used in aircraft such as the B-17, B-24, and B-29. The 7-component Flux Gate Compass system was designed to provide accurate navigational guidance using the earth's magnetic forces by minimizing interference from the systems of the aircraft, such as its turrets, guns, and engines. A flux gate gyro transmitter typically located within the wing would send signals to the Master Compass Indicator normally located in the navigator's compartment, which in turn would transmit these signals to smaller repeater indicators located at other positions such as the pilots instrument panel. See photos in the gallery describing the system in greater detail.

Based upon the service label from Naval Air Station Norfolk (VA) dated 1954,this example likely appeared in an aircraft of the US Navy, such as a PB4Y Privateer, PBY Catalina, P5M Mariner, and others.

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