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German Propaganda Leaflet to Soviet Troops 1944 POA/ROA Mortar

Manufacturer Unknown

German Propaganda Leaflet to Soviet Troops 1944 POA/ROA Mortar


This is an authentic WWII German Propaganda Leaflet dropped from aircraft to Soviet Troops on the Russian Front in 1944. The intent of the leaflet is to persuade Soviet Troops to surrender and fight with the German army as part of the collaborating POA/ROA Russian Liberation Army under German command.

The leaflet measures ~7 inches by ~5.5 inches.  

The caption on the photo states that this German POA mortar emplacement on the eastern front consists exclusively of Russian Volunteers. The text on the reverse side, as translated by Google, reads as follows (uncensored and without correction):

Soldiers, officers and political workers Kraspoy army! Stalin's propaganda disseminates all sorts of lies about us, the soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of the Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia. The Stalinist propagandists, they call us German hirelings, traitors and traitors, then they declare that our army is the remnants of white immigrants who are fighting for the restoration of the old royal orders in Russia. Is it so? Of course not! We are your brothers, just like you, the sons of the working people, the peasants, the working intelligentsia, the former fighters, the commanders and political workers of the beautiful Fr. fucking and from former prisoners of war and pre-war army soldiers, commanders and political workers who “came to our side of a crackle.” We all long and clearly understood who was the real culprit of all our misfortunes and misfortunes of our homeland. The blame is the communist system with Stalin. Stalin and his henchmen are the worst enemies of the people. It was they who, long before the war, condemned the people of rich Russia to a half-starved, beggarly existence. They were the ones who, during the years of collectivization, under the slogan "liquidation of the kulaks", destroyed millions of Jews. They knew honest workers for their millennial existence. They introduced hard labor laws for the workers, made the worker a true slave of the capitalist state. They squeezed the last juices out of the people, justifying it with the need to defend the country, and, hypocritically speaking about their peace, prepared the current war., We're ready, yeno poyav, who is the culprit of all disasters that have befallen our Rodnnu, now for weapons, We are raising the banner of popular struggle, Brothers, soldiers and officers of the Red Army! We, the people of Stalin’s abusive burden, take in the name of liberating our name to stop this somewhat of the future of our Motherland, you know that the Committee of the Emancipation of the Peoples of Russia is now organized. The goals and objectives of the Committee tell you about its manifesto. onny. This is the overthrow of the slave regime of Stalia, stop the war and the prisoner of honorable peace with Germany. This is a free Russia without Bolsheviks and exploiters, where the peasants will be the owner of the land, where the worker will be provided free labor and the whole people material well-being. For peace! For a great homeland! For the earth, for the will, for the best loli. For our bright future and our children! Former Red Army men, officers and political workers of the Red Army-soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of the Peoples Liberation Committee of the Rossin. 1072 / XII. 44

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